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£1 million flat

by Paul Addison on April 25, 2017 No comments

According to research, throughout England and Wales, sales in £1 million flats have nearly trebled over the last 10 years.

Lloyds Private Banking gathered data which showed last year 2,967 flats worth £1 million or more were sold, this is a 196% increase from 1,002 flats in 2006.

96% of those properties were in London.

Additionally, they are 35% of all £1 million properties in London.

According to Lloyds, through the UK, the most expensive flats were in Westminster, averaging at a price of £2,215,073.

Lloyds have stated that due to the sales of £1 million plus have similarly boosted threefold from 973 to 2,853 since 2006.

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Paul Addison£1 million flat

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