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£21 million released by Burnham to make Manchester greener

by Paul Addison on June 23, 2017 No comments

Andy Burnham, the Mayor of Greater Manchester, has assigned £21 million for a European Regional Development fund, to go along with his plans to make Manchester the world-leading green city.

This money will be put towards projects that will be exhibiting their capability decreasing carbon emissions.

Additionally, the money will be going towards Burnham’s goals of reducing carbon emission and creating low-carbon homes, businesses and infrastructure.

He had following to say:

“Climate change and air quality are two of the biggest issues facing us as a city-region and for the UK as a member of the international community.

We can no longer ignore the serious damage our carbon emissions are having on people’s health and the world we live in.

He said the city’s economy would be strengthened by investing in pioneering green technologies which will bring more jobs to Greater Manchester.”

Burnham added:

“By reducing our energy usage across Greater Manchester we will reduce our overall energy costs, making our city-region wealthier and healthier.”

Councilor Alex Ganotis was selected by Burnham as portfolio lead on environmental issues across the Greater Manchester area.

He has said that these plans will be permitting the city-region to discover new, creative ways to incorporate smart technologies into communities which in turn will be allowing the people of Greater Manchester to live in a healthier environment.

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Paul Addison£21 million released by Burnham to make Manchester greener

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