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2,800 New Homes Proposed for Green Belt Near Redditch

by Paul Addison on June 6, 2016 No comments

A 136-hectare site has had plans submitted for a green belt residential development.

A duplicate planning application has been proposed by Real estate consultancy Bilfinger GVA proposing a new development for 2,800 homes at a green belt location that is at the present moment being used for agricultural use.

The site is 136 hectares a bordering the suburb of Webheath. It is roughly 1.5 miles from the town centre of Redditch.

The planning authorities are both in favour of the removal of the land from the green belt to allow the support of cross-boundary growth. The consultancy said the scheme corresponds with their housing needs and would benefit them in meeting the “duty to co-operate” requirements of the National Planning Policy Framework.

It has been recognised in the local plan that there are around 6,400 new dwelling needed by 2030 in Redditch DC, however it only has the ability for 3,000.

The application involves 2800 dwellings including a mix of both flats and a variety of houses ranging from one to five buildings. 40% of these new dwellings will be affordable housing. Also included in the proposed scheme will be:

  • “a new three-form primary school and parking”

  • “a play area”

  • provision of 52-hectares of public open space”

  • “a mixed-use community facility”

  • “retail units”

the application was submitted by Bilfinger GVA on behalf of Heyford Developments and UK Land and Development.

Jon Kirby from Bilfinger GVA said:

“The application takes into consideration the location of the development, the rural nature of its situation and proximity to the existing village of Webheath with limitations on the heights of buildings and the inclusion of significant quantities of open space to offset the impact of the development.”

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Paul Addison2,800 New Homes Proposed for Green Belt Near Redditch

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