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6,000 new home Hampshire development Plans go in

by Paul Addison on March 23, 2017 No comments

An outline planning application for 6,000 (30% affordable) new homes in Hampshire has been submitted by developers.

The scheme is planned to be at Welborne in an area of almost 1,000 acres, which is just north of Fareham and proposed by Buckland Development Limited.

The chairman for Buckland Development Ltd, Mark Thistlethwayte, said:

“This represents years of hard work and effort from BDL and our extensive team of technical consultants – it will set the framework for future development.

Ours is a very different approach to development, centered on a consistent, long- term vision with investment and delivery ahead of short term financial returns.  

This project is about more than just meeting local housing targets – we want to create an exemplar, sustainable garden community for the 21st century, with the facilities and infrastructure to serve future generations within Welborne and the wider area.

Our hope now is that Fareham Borough Council will support our application and positively engage with us in order that we can focus on working together to provide the new homes, jobs and facilities that the area needs and at the soonest opportunity.”

The director who, since 2008, has led the master planning on Welborne for Buckland Development said the following:

“Our masterplan combines the principles that inspired the UK’s original and ever popular Garden Cities with best practice design approaches appropriate for today’s context.

We have integrated the best of the built and natural environments for Welborne’s future residents and our plans lay the foundation for a place that will mature and improve over the long term.

“Creating an enduringly popular place where people will want to live, work and visit has remained BDL’s primary ambition throughout the project’s development.”

On top of the 6,000 new homes, it is intended for Welborne to include: 

  • A village,
  • A district centre with a variety of retail,
  • Commercial uses,
  • Employment uses,
  • Primary schools,
  • Secondary schools,
  • Healthcare facilities,
  • New job opportunities,
  • Widespread green infrastructure with sports pitches,
  • Public open spaces,
  • Parks,
  • A network of pedestrian and cycle routes,
  • Public transport links near housing,

The plans will also be providing key infrastructure improvements for the area such as:

  • Upgrade works to the A32,
  • New distributor roads within the development,
  • Improvements to Junction 10 on the M27 motorway.

Through the support of both the public sector and the private sector developer contributions, the undertaking of the improvements is imagined to be for the early stages of the development.

The project, which is expected to take more than 20 years to complete, could be commencing in the second half of next year (2018)

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Paul Addison6,000 new home Hampshire development Plans go in

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