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A negative report on the governments housing policies has been issues by a Lord

by DevAssist Team on March 9, 2016 No comments

Opinions have been added by peers to those who have already been criticising the government’s current policies, saying they are going to struggle to meet the demand for both quality and quantity of new houses that are needed.

A report that advises the government to elect a, chief built environment advisor has been published by The Lords Select Committee.  This is with the intention to get higher standards over all the government departments regarding the built environment.  

Also included in this report was a recommendation to ministers that they should be reviewing the National Planning Policy Framework to double check that developers are not undertaking financial viability,

“To play fast and loose with design quality and sustainability”.

Peers insist that the administration are to publish a,

“Nationally consistent methodology for viability assessment.”

One of the factors that the committee have included is that the government should be reconsidering the proposals so that they include ‘starter homes’ in the definition of “affordable housing”. This is because,

“Starter homes cease to include any element of affordability after five years”.

Peers also insisted that design reviews for any major applications should be compulsory.

Finally the report made a clear point of planning departments needing to be better resourced. The Peers have insisted that local authorities must take a more proactive planning approach saying,

“Planning profession needs to rediscover the prestige planning once had.”

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DevAssist TeamA negative report on the governments housing policies has been issues by a Lord

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