The DevAssist management team combines a powerful range of complementary skills – sales, management, land acquisition and disposal, planning, architecture, surveying, building etc.

Paul Addison<br><noscript><img class=

Paul has been involved in the residential housing industry for more than 25 years.

Dominic Haigh MSc<br><noscript><img class=

Joined Dev Assist in 2012 and is responsible for report writing, sales and business development.

Phillip Teague<br><noscript><img class=

Currently aids in quality control and report writing on all DevAssist reports.

Sean O’Leary<br><noscript><img class=

My academic background is in Politics which really honed my analytical skills.

Georgia Addison<br><noscript><img class=

Georgia deals with all business administration, whilst managing all orders that come through.

Sarah Loxton<br><noscript><img class=

I have a broad marketing background which has taken me into many industries.

Lee Farren<br><noscript><img class=

Web designer and head of the creative output of DevAssist

Richard Tuxford BA (Hons) ARCH<br><noscript><img class=

The journey of learning and perfecting design and technical skills started in private practice at Peter Taylor Associates Ltd.

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