DevAssist will dramatically improve the service levels of solicitors and make property purchase safer. Risk elimination and risk exposure is at the heart of everything we do.

The DevAssist management team are senior professionals with decades of experience in the property, planning and development industries. Most have had experience at board level with large corporate developers. Their range of complementary skills ensures that DevAssist delivers unique and valuable insight into development risks and opportunities.

In recognising the clear lack of awareness by solicitors and their clients about development risk the suite of Dev products takes away the mystery and brings valuable, and sometimes alarming clarity to property buyers and legal professionals alike.

Every time a developer proposes land for development it will receive passionate and deep objection from locals. In almost every case the residents never saw it coming. That’s why we pre-advise where the risks are and how likely they are to be developed.

We focus on creating clear readable reports that deliver clarity and enable decision making, safe in the knowledge that the whole picture is understood.

We are a success story, and that is because of our innovative and continual adaption in what we do. Never standing still, continually improve.

‘It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.’ – Charles Darwin

Within two years of launching the business was nominated for three major business awards.


The easiest way to demonstrate what we do is by showing you some examples. TAKE A LOOK. You will find them quite eye opening and thought provoking.

£150,000 for mud and no permission in Bloomsbury

If proof were ever needed of the ongoing demand for basement space in London, this month, the amount of cash paid smashed all expectations, after a developer signed over a staggering six-figure sum for the mud underneath an existing block of flats...

Here today, gone tomorrow

Water views are safe, aren’t they? We have done a number of reports on this development. Buyers may think they have water views over the top of the existing structures...

London – Basement risk

DevAssist do huge amounts of work in London. In the high value areas one of the most common risks we uncover are basement extensions. Sometimes referred to as Iceberg homes these amazing feats on engineering are great for the end users...

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