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Airports Commission publishes capacity shortlist

by DevAssist Team on September 5, 2014 No comments

The Airports Commission has confirmed its plans to continue appraising three shortlisted proposals for providing new airport capacity by 2030.

The Commission will examine whether to increase capacity at Heathrow, or to expand capacity at Gatwick Airport. The appraisal will be published for public consultation later this Autumn.

The Confederation of British Industry has made clear its support for a single, larger-hub airport where passengers can transfer to a range of destinations was ‘critical’ to the UK’s long-term economic growth. The CBI urged the commission to ensure its decision “maximised links across the UK” and made “the best use of existing capacity”.

“While no-one can predict the future of air travel, the track record shows that it tends to be hub airports that deliver the new connections to emerging markets that we desperately need,”

said CBI deputy general Katja Hall.

However, absent for the list of options under consideration is the London Mayor’s proposal for an Inner Thames Estuary airport. The commission cited environmental and cost reasons for ruling it out.

London Mayor Boris Johnson has made it clear he will continue to support this option.

DevAssist TeamAirports Commission publishes capacity shortlist

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