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Alterations to the neighbourhood planning regime are confirmed

by Paul Addison on September 19, 2016 No comments

Consultation response confirms that the government pan on making it easier for residents and business to join forces and create neighbourhood plans.

This was suggested through the “passage of the Housing and Planning Act 2016”

It has been stated by the administration that they plan on advancing the regulations and guidance in the near future. The idea is that the new regulations in Parliament will be implemented in October 2016. There will be updates and amendments to the national planning guidance once the new regulations have been implemented.

These new regulations will be going over a number of problems including:

  • “the process for designating a neighbourhood area,”

  • “time periods for designating neighbourhood forum,”

  • “time periods for key local authority decisions following receipt of the examiner’s report on a neighbourhood plan”

  • “a procedure for the rare cases where the Secretary of State may intervene to send a plan to referendum at the request of a qualifying body.”

To date, over 1,900 communities in England, which is roughly just below 10 million people, have begun the procedure of neighbourhood planning.

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Paul AddisonAlterations to the neighbourhood planning regime are confirmed

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