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Appeal lost by developers who suppressed Sussex neighbourhood plan

by Paul Addison on January 10, 2017 No comments

The developers who mounted a successful High Court challenge over a Sussex neighbourhood plan have failed to win an appeal for the redevelopment of the former Sandgate Nurseries has been refused by Communities Secretary, Sajid Javid.

This decision came after the developers had effectively challenged the lawfulness of the approved Henfield Neighbourhood Plan.

72 new homes, 29 of which would be affordable, were wished to be developed from the land at the former Sandgate Nurseries, Henfield (near Horsham) by Stonegate Homes and Littleworth Properties Ltd, however the district council refused the scheme.

The developers continued to challenge the lawfulness of the approved Henfield Neighbourhood Plan, as their desired site was not identified in the plan for development as it is situated to the west of the village which the locals believed would cause traffic disruption if it were to be developed, however this success has come at a cost.

Sajid Javid, agrees with the inspector who held the recovered appeal inquiry and recommended that the appeal should be dismissed.

It was noted by the Secretary of State that the planning authority could demonstrate a five-year supply of housing sites, and that the scheme was not in accordance with the development plan overall.

It resulted in Javid concluding that the number of matters weighed against proposals in terms of:

  • Harm to the landscape character,
  • Appearance of the area,
  • The setting of a listed building.

The design issues that would come in hand with the scheme, proved key when it came to its refusal.

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Paul AddisonAppeal lost by developers who suppressed Sussex neighbourhood plan

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