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Be a shepherd, not a sheep

by DevAssist Team on February 8, 2016 No comments

With house sales, building and prices all on the rise, opportunity knocks once again for those involved in the conveyancing industry in 2016.

Never has there been a need for conveyancers to ensure the highest levels of client care, not just to protect clients’ interests but also to safeguard practice reputations…and their PI.

The Christmas and New Year floods provided a timely reminder of the importance of environmental searches. These should now be built into client care recommendations as standard practice.

Far less transparent, but relevant at all times of the year, are the fast growing number of planning applications and/or development opportunities that pose a potential threat to existing properties or communities. Until we came along, these could creep in under the radar. Not any more. You only have to look at the Bird and Bird case to understand our point.

Never a day goes by in the office without a number of clients being saved by our unique search service which provides a full audit on a location to expose any live planning applications as well as showing where development is likely to take place in the future.

An alarming 10% of our investigations – double that figure in London – uncover a major risk which could impact significantly on a property’s value or the client’s enjoyment of it.

As the conveyancing market picks up in the coming months, it will be the firms with the highest levels of client care and legal due diligence who will benefit the most. 

And we will be there supporting them. 

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DevAssist TeamBe a shepherd, not a sheep

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