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Cambridgeshire solar farm development obstructed by Greg Clark

by Paul Addison on July 7, 2016 No comments

On appeal, two solar farm developments have been refused, due to Clark determining that they are unsuitable developments for a green belt area.

The South Cambridgeshire District Council were the ones who initially refused the proposed plans.

The two sites will consist of a 28 megawatt and a 14 megawatt scheme, it was also suggested by the inspector that they should be rejected. Both the appeals convey the same site, a large 49-hectares L-shaped field to the north of the village of Sawston which is arable land.

The western arm follows the river for roughly 1.1 kilometres and is separated from the village by a strip of land which is occupied by a house and its large area of land surrounding it.

Appeal A stated that the solar panels would be covering the whole site. In appeal B, the solar panels would be covering a smaller area of 16-hectares, which would be using the western arm.

Clark agreed with the inspector that both cases would represent inappropriate development in a green belt location. He also agreed that this would substantial results conflicting to both local and national planning policies. It was also decided that the farm land that would be lost classified as best and most versatile (BMV) could not be justified

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Paul AddisonCambridgeshire solar farm development obstructed by Greg Clark

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