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London suggested for biggest sustainable urban drainage system in the UK

by Paul Addison on August 8, 2016 No comments

The Nine Elms South Bank regeneration area has been proposed for a £17m sustainable urban drainage project.

The project is intended to catch rainwater when it falls and transfer into the river Thames. The idea behind it is to considerably reduce the amount of clean rain water mixing with the sewage. The scheme is planned to be launched this summer.

The rainwater that lands in the area will be guided back into the River Thames to prevent it from entering the already strained sewers in the capital where it would be mixing with the raw sewage.

This will result in a reduce of flood risk, as well as a dramatic drop in the costs involved in treating the rainwater once it has mixed with the sewage.

The scheme is being developed through a partnership between Thames Water and the Nine Elms Vauxhall Partnership. Included in this is Wandsworth Council, Lambeth Council, the GLA and local developers including Ballymore.

Features of buildings and landscapes in Nine Elms have been founded to catch rainwater, escalate the evaporation process before the water is guided to a surface water network. Buried beneath the new Nine Elms Park are large pipes that the water will drain into. This will also be a new green channel through the area from Vauxhall to Battersea Power Station.

An upgraded pumping station in Ponton Road will slowly pump the water from the underground reservoir back into the Thames.

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Paul AddisonLondon suggested for biggest sustainable urban drainage system in the UK

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