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Communities secretary, Sajid Javid, says Britain is to get quick-build homes

by Paul Addison on January 20, 2017 No comments

Sajid Javid, The Communities Secretary, has said that Britain will get thousands of new homes through a quick-build modular method.

In an interview with Sky News, Sajid Javid said the approaching housing white paper would incorporate measures to build “ready-to-go” homes, from factory-built to custom-made apartment blocks.

After Javid had visited Germany and the Netherlands to look at prefab homes being built there, he concluded that if Germany and other countries could build made-to-measure, ready-made, ready-to-go modern, stylish homes, then so could the UK.

“I think they can be an important part of what we can deliver in the UK.”

 “It can really make a difference, especially in terms of speed; so whereas today you can have a plot that is available for maybe a 1,000 homes – it can take years and years for them to be actually homes that people are ready to move into.”

“I think if we can make that much quicker, maybe a couple of years or even less, it can make a dramatic difference.”

Javid had recognized that the government will need to build an average 250,000 homes a year to meet its target of building one million homes by the end of the Parliament.

He also said that there is no “single magic bullet” that is going to result in the escalation.

“It is really about taking lots of action, both with the planning system but also with the types of homes we build.”

Javid has stated that he will be facing down any political opposition over plans to urge councils to increase the number of homes that are being built in local areas.

As well as this, Javid mentioned that his most worrying opposition is young and others looking for somewhere to live (to rent or buy).

“What would happen if their political leaders fail them – and that is certainly not going to happen with this government.”

Per to the Communities Secretary, in an attempt to meet the target the housing white paper will contain measures which will ensure that more land was released in the “right places” for development.

Unless the circumstances were “exceptional”, attention will be on brownfield land, not green belt land.

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Paul AddisonCommunities secretary, Sajid Javid, says Britain is to get quick-build homes

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