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Despite heritage impacts A Bingley housing scheme has been approved by Javid

by Paul Addison on October 5, 2016 No comments

A potential 440 new home development by Bellway Homes and Redrow Homes, to be built has been on a 16-hectare stretch of land in Bingley, has been granted outline planning permission by Sajid Javid (The Communities Secretary).

A combination of the determination of Bellway Homes and Redrow Homes (the developers), and following on from the recommendation of the inspector who held the public inquiry, it was a promising third attempt to try and achieve permission.

The plans include the existing vehicular swing bridge over the canal being removed and replaced with a vehicular and pedestrian swing bridge.

It was noted by the Secretary of State that…

“harm to designated and non-designated heritage assets as well as the limited adverse impact the proposal would have on the operation of the highway network, the character and appearance of the area and biodiversity interests.”

However, in the decision letter it was concluded by Javid that due to the considerable social and economic benefits created due to the scheme, drastically and evidently overshadowed that damage it would cause. He emphasized that in relation to its economic, social and environmental proportions and benefits, the proposals did in fact embody sustainable development.

He attached substantial weight to the desperate need for market and affordable housing in the district and to the persistent and chronic failure of the council to deliver a five-year supply.

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Paul AddisonDespite heritage impacts A Bingley housing scheme has been approved by Javid

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