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Despite inspector’s advice Clark dismisses Gloucestershire homes

by DevAssist Team on February 1, 2016 No comments

In Lydney, Gloucestershire, A recovery appeal including the framework permission for up to 200 new houses as advised by an inspector, was rejected by Greg Clark; The Communities Secretary. 

Included in the scheme planned by Allaston Developments was up to 20 serviced self-build plots, 37 retirement flats, a community building and public open space.

The proposals had been obstructed by Forest of Dean District Council. Never the less, due to not being able to demonstrate “robust” five-year supply of housing land, the planning authority said they would not support its reasons for refusing permission at the inquiry.

Due to conflict with both the budding Allocation Plan for the district and the budding Lydney Neighbourhood Development Plan Clark’s decision letter determined the appeal should be dismissed.

When examining the SOS, it also appeared the scheme was in conflict with policies in the Core Strategy that already exists.

Within the letter written by Clark, it was recognised that the proposals would raise the stock of market and affordable housing in the area.

However he maintained the conflict between the local plan and the evolving neighbourhood plan, on top of the adverse impact on the landscape and local character. There were also issues to do with traffic and the quality of air, which would overshadow any benefits the scheme has.

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DevAssist TeamDespite inspector’s advice Clark dismisses Gloucestershire homes

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