Identify development risk. Unlock hidden value.

DevAssess Premium is the recommended report for any property transaction. It delivers a thorough report looking at all possible eventualities to aid decision making.

Why DevAssess Premium?

Purchasing or investing in property is a significant financial decision with many factors influencing it’s potential.

The councils position on their five-year supply, for example, can reveal the vulnerability of an area to hostile planning applications from developers. The property may also have unexploited development potential in part or in its entirety, which could create a greater value or an alternative exit strategy for the buyer/investor/lender in the future. Unknown developments or changes to an area can impact the ability to sell the asset in the future too.

DevAssess Premium provides a thorough understanding of any developmental risk impacting a property and whether its underlying value could be affected. If you would like the full picture to make an informed decision, this is the report for you. It goes beyond the standard DevAssess report, looking 75m from the perimeter of the property to identify any development risks.

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A Fast track 24-hour option is available for an additional £120 + VAT.
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The DevAssess Premium report

A DevAssess Premium report offers an in-depth professional opinion on the risk of development for large residential and commercial properties. It is suitable for sites from 0.25 acres to 40 acres.

Delivered in 3 working days, the content will include:

  • Relevant planning history of the subject property
  • Identification of relevant historic planning applications 75m from the boundaries
  • Planning data included at no extra cost
  • Explanation of emerging and adopted Local Plan Policy
  • Identification of potential future development sites where no relevant planning history exists
  • Identification of land allocated for development where no relevant planning history exists
  • Detailed study of the SHLAA (Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment) sites currently being considered for future allocation
  • Study of current and potential gypsy / traveller sites
  • A search for changes to nearby infrastructure
  • Identification of development potential of the subject property
  • OS Mapping identifying potential development sites
  • Aerial Photography
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