Cities will always be impacted by major development.

Where high construction costs are offset by high values, development can be permitted in the most unexpected of places.


This is why we created the ultimate report for City property buyers.

As a result of our considerable experience in London, it became apparent that there was a need for a top-end bespoke report that investigates the property in detail and its immediate vicinity. Purchasers and investors have a 20% chance of experiencing major or significant change in London. In Manchester it’s an incredible 42%.

Take a look at our animation which shows you what we look for with a DevCity report.

Why DevCity?

The rate of construction in London for example is twice the national average. In Manchester its twice that!

Development can take the form of roof-top extensions, major high-rise development and basements extensions. Such developments bring major construction disruption and permanent negative impact to neighbouring properties.

DevCity provides an assessment through a two-staged report. The first stage is a detailed analysis of the area that surrounds the property. This will reveal any unbuilt planning consents as well as identifying land that could support development in the future. Once the initial instruction has been received we will contact the council under the Freedom of Information Act requesting them to reveal any pending applications or pre-consultations that have taken place. This will reveal any further applications that may impact the subject property.

The final stage, just before exchange of contracts, is when the final report is produced that will reveal the results of the Freedom of Information request and reassess the area in light of these results. With some transactions taking many months it is essential that the area is reassessed before exchange. DevAssist have prevented many costly mistakes for buyers and solicitors at this final stage.

£500 + VAT


A Fast track 24-hour option is available for an additional £360 + VAT.
This can be purchased during checkout.

The DevCity Report

A DevCity report will provide a unique and enlightened view on development risks in urban locations for residential or commercial properties under 1 acre. It enhances due diligence and helps make informed decisions before contracts are exchanged.

Delivered in 5 working days, the content will include:

  • Relevant planning history of the subject property
  • Identification of historic planning applications within the search radius
  • Identification of any application that may impact the subject
  • A manual search of the planning register
  • Inclusion of domestic minor applications that could affect the subject property
  • Explanation of emerging and adopted Local Plan Policy
  • Identification of potential future development sites where no relevant planning history exists
  • Identification of land allocated for development where no relevant planning history exists
  • Analysis of the potential for extension of neighboring properties
  • Identification of SHLAA (Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment) sites currently being considered for future allocation
  • Identification of development potential of the subject property
  • Comprehensive advice regarding alternative exist strategies for investors
  • Individual detailed analysis of the risk posed by each site
  • OS Mapping identifying potential development sites
  • Aerial Photography
  • A Freedom of Information Request made to the Local Planning Authority
  • Second report disclosing any new minor applications submitted between instruction of the report and exchange contracts
  • Properties over 10 acres are priced on an individual basis.
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