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Development boosts for Lincolnshire

by DevAssist Team on October 7, 2014 No comments

North Lincolnshire Council has granted planning permission for the development of two new villages at the proposed Lincolnshire Lakes location on the western fringe of Scunthorpe. The consented schemes will provide around 3,000 new homes.

Land investment and management company Lucent Group submitted applications to the planning authority in August 2013 for the development of a site of nearly 200 hectares.

The plans included a mixed-use commercial park, two village centres, a care home, a primary school, a youth centre, a community centre and a health facility. Wetlands, parkland, sports pitches and play areas were also proposed.

The wider Lincolnshire Lakes site was allocated for up to 6,000 new homes by 2026 in the North Lincolnshire local plan adopted in 2011.

An emerging area action plan for the Lincolnshire Lakes site has proposed a total of six villages, potentially providing a total of 10,000 homes.

In a separate development, a joint UK Parliamentary committee has rejected objections to plans for a £450m wind turbine facility proposed for a site on the south bank of the Humber at Immingham on the Lincolnshire coast.

Plans for the Able Marine Energy Park (AMEP) were originally approved in December by the Government.

However, the project involves the compulsory purchase of land owned by Associated British Ports (ABP), which objected to the scheme. But its concerns were rejected by a specially-appointed Parliamentary committee which upheld the decision to grant a development consent under the 2008 Planning Act.

DevAssist TeamDevelopment boosts for Lincolnshire

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