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Developments in Devizes and Crewe looking to have varied futures

by Paul Addison on October 5, 2016 No comments

An appeal for 350 new homes to be developed to the north-east of Devizes has been refused by Javid, however he has approved a development in Wistaston, Crewe, for 300 new homes to be built on farmland.

On top of this, Communities Secretary Sajid Javid will be deciding the future of another two major housing proposals in Wiltshire and Cheshire. For both of the mentioned circumstances, the decisions made are followed on from the inspectors who conducted the inquiries.

The first development mentioned had previously been rejected by Wiltshire Council, and dismissed by Sir Eric Pickles (the former Environment Secretary), however last year the decision was overturned after a legal challenge and it had to be redetermined.

The scheme includes the following…

  • 350 new dwellings,
  • A local centre,
  • Public open space,
  • Access roads,
  • A cycleway,
  • Footpaths to the north-east side of Devizes.

It was mentioned in Javid’s decision letter that, “new elements of the development plan had come into force and a five-year housing land supply had now been demonstrated for the relevant area.” Javid had said that proposed development does not amount to sustainable development due to it not being plan-led, he mentioned the opposing impacts would:

“Significantly and demonstrably outweigh the identified benefits when assessed against the policies in the National Planning Policy Framework taken as a whole.”

The second development mentioned includes outline plans for 300 new dwelling, which are sent to be built on a 14-hectare farmland site in Wistaston. The proposals were put forward by Gladman Developments but the Cheshire East Council refused them.

It was recognized by the Secretary of State that if the development were to go ahead, it would be eroding to the influence of a local Green Gap. It was also noted that people living near the site will encounter a substantial ‘change of character’. However, it was also taken into account that there is a significant absence of a clear five-year supply of up to 210 market houses and 90 affordable houses. Due to this he was notably in favor of the scheme, and as a result would help to achieve the “economic and social roles of sustainability”. It was said that the environmental harm because of the erosion to the Green Gap, on top of the economic harm because of the loss of farm land were both “limited weight”.

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Paul AddisonDevelopments in Devizes and Crewe looking to have varied futures

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