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Due to local plan failure, Javid threatens intervention in 15 councils

by Paul Addison on November 28, 2017 No comments

Following missed deadlines and failed progress in producing a local plan, 15 local authorities have been served notice of government intervention.

The communities’ secretary Sajid Javid, has said in a letter that planning authorities are required to publish a Local Development Scheme under the Local Plan Act 2004, setting out when they expect to reach key milestones in the plan-making process, as well as a timetable for producing documents to maintain an up-to-date plan.

Javid said that February’s housing white paper had advised that these situations are a priority for intervention, and told the councils that they had failed to meet the deadlines set out in that timetable.

He requested the authorities outline “any exceptional circumstances” to support their failure to produce a plan.

The 15 councils are:

  1. Basildon,
  2. Brentwood,
  3. Bolsover,
  4. Calderdale,
  5. Castle Point,
  6. Eastleigh,
  7. Liverpool,
  8. Mansfield,
  9. North East Derbyshire,
  10. Northumberland,
  11. Runnymede,
  12. St Albans,
  13. Thanet,
  14. Wirral,
  15. York.

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Paul AddisonDue to local plan failure, Javid threatens intervention in 15 councils

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