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Brownfield Sites being developed 6 months faster than Greenfield Sites

by Paul Addison on April 12, 2016 No comments

Research has shown that proposals made by the government to release more countryside are being aimed at the wrong target.

Research has been published by the “Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE)” which has evidence of brownfield sites being developed 6 months faster than Greenfield sites. This research was conducted over a period of time stretching from March 2012 to December 2015 and covered 15 local authorities.

The research concluded that although the time it takes for brownfield and greenfield sites to gain planning permission is about the same, brownfield sites are being developed about half a year quicker than greenfield sites are.

The chief executive of the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE), Shaun Spiers says:

“This Government has strongly supported brownfield development. Now it must show it has the courage of its convictions and usher in a brownfield revolution to tackle the housing crisis, benefit England’s towns and cities, and save the countryside from inappropriate development. This new research shows that brownfield sites are developed more quickly than Greenfield sites, giving the lie to the idea that developing a brownfield site must be difficult or unprofitable. What is needed now is for the Government to put all its energy behind getting houses built on derelict and vacant sites. Crucially, it must drop the idea that the way to get houses built is simply to make more countryside available. The evidence is that this will slow down house building, rather than speed it up.”

This has followed on from the CPRE research that was conducted in 2014, which concluded that brownfield sites are available for as many as 1 million new houses. The government have stated they will be investing over £2 Billion into the regeneration of brownfield sites and is launching a brownfield register. However a lot of the proposed changes to the planning policy are targeted to make it easier for Greenfield land to be developed.

Included in these proposals are small sites being developed in the Green Belt and a “housing delivery test” that would mean councils would have to release more land to be developed if high housing targets are not met.

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Paul AddisonBrownfield Sites being developed 6 months faster than Greenfield Sites

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