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Housing site short-fall reported by Ebbsfleet Garden City

by Paul Addison on October 17, 2016 No comments

Implementation framework for Ebbsfleet Garden City has found locations for 12,800 new homes, which is 2,200 less that the city’s planned 15,000.

A blueprint has been published for the development which includes proposals for a major new commercial centre which will be built around Ebbsfleet International Station, improvements to public transport systems, city parks and 12,800 new homes.

Having said that, the application framework which covers the 15 years emphasized a shortfall in site provision for the planned 15,000 homes. The scheme has currently located sites for roughly 12,800 new dwellings.

It is set to provide around 45,000 square metres of development which will include:

  • Educational facilities,
  • R&D activity,
  • Leisure floor space,
  • Retail floor space,
  • Commercial floor space.

It is planned to reduce car journeys by increasing the existing Fasttrack bus system, as well as adding routed and improving the facilities. This will result in 90% of the residents living within 5 minutes of a Fastrack stop.

Sequences of open space are to be developed along the River Ebbsfleet, as well as public access extending along the Thames to Gravesham in the east and around the Swanscombe peninsula and onto Dartford in the west. The Thames will be opened up with new promenade walks which will be granting the public access to the waterfront for the first time in a century.

Seven new city parks will be included in the Garden City. Capitalising on Ebbsfleet’s landscape made up of quarries and lakes. The largest of which is a planned be park next to Ebbsfleet International with impressive views across the county.

Joining Swanscombe, Northfleet and Greenhithe will be pedestrian bridges, walk ways and cycle ways. The rest of the Garden City will be eight new urban villages which are established next to existing communities. Across Garden City there are currently seven developers on site creating 860 homes.

Provision is made in the new strategy for the London Paramount resort at Swanscombe with its proposed dedicated access route from the A2.

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Paul AddisonHousing site short-fall reported by Ebbsfleet Garden City

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