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The Importance of a 5 Year Housing Supply

by Paul Addison on January 11, 2018 No comments

A surprisingly high amount of councils does not have a 5-year housing supply in the South East and East.

If a local authority cannot provide a 5-year housing supply, the presumption is in favour of any development applications, regardless if the land is green belt, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty or even a National Park.

Put simply the benefit outweighs the harm caused by an under supply.

The bottom 10 Local Authorities housing land supply are listed below:

  1. Epping Forest – 1 Year
  2. Castle Point – 1.6 Years
  3. Guildford – 2.1 Years
  4. North Herts – 2.2 Years
  5. Worthing – 2.4 Years
  6. Adur – 2.4 Years
  7. Broxbourne – 2.4 Years
  8. Thurrock – 2.5 Years
  9. Stevenage – 2.6 Years
  10. Wealden – 2.6 Years

A full list of Local Planning Authority and their housing supply can be seen below (June 2017 supply).


Councils who are unable to demonstrate a 5-year housing supply are in a weak position when it comes to ‘speculative planning applications’.

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Paul AddisonThe Importance of a 5 Year Housing Supply

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