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Ipswich affordable housing scheme blocked by Clark due to ‘inclusivity’ matters

by Paul Addison on June 21, 2016 No comments

Ravenswood development is refused by the Communities Secretary on the foundation that it does not correspond with the national policy “to create inclusive and mixed communities…”

A proposal for 94 affordable flats and houses has been blocked by Communities Secretary Greg Clark, which was the opposite to what the inspector had suggested, leaving the council angry and confused.

The proposed site was 2.2 hectares and was part of the Ravenswood development, a new community being generated due to the re-development of the former Ipswich Airport.

The scheme was the question of a call-in inquiry. The inspector, who was the one who held the hearing, said the proposals should be approved, however Greg Clark disagreed with this.

It was recognized that the scheme would be delivering a high quality built environment in an accessible location and would,

“make a significant contribution to affordable housing and assist in the delivery of a wide choice of high quality homes”.

However, it was continued that the proposed single cluster of 94 affordable units would clash with the local planning policy which is aimed to attain housing development in which the affordable units…

“are truly integrated into the market housing”.

It was added by the SOS that the proposals also clashed with the national policy…

“to create inclusive and mixed communities”.

Davis Ellesmere, the council leader, has said that the local authority would now consider the government’s determination, before shaping the next stage.

“This is an astonishing decision. After a public inquiry in September 2015, the planning inspector recommended approval, but after sitting on the report for more than six months, the Secretary of State has now blocked the application on the grounds that the development should contain more homes for sale. I cannot think of another case in the country where a planning application has been turned down because the housing wasn’t expensive enough. The length of time it has taken the government to take this decision is likely to cost the council millions of pounds in lost rent, grants and increased construction costs.”

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Paul AddisonIpswich affordable housing scheme blocked by Clark due to ‘inclusivity’ matters

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