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Key housing schemes in Cheshire and Gloucestershire being cut off by Clark

by Paul Addison on May 31, 2016 No comments

Clark has agreed with the recommendations made by the inspector and has refused the two residential schemes.

Major residential schemes in Greg Clark Cheshire and Gloucestershire, which are subject to appeals, have been blocked by the Communities Secretary, Greg Clark. During the inquiries hosted by the inspector, Greg Clark agreed with both the recommendations made.

The larger of the two proposals included a residential led mixed-use scheme allocated for a site of land at Leckhampton near Cheltenham. This was initially refused by the borough council.

The two developers Miller Homes and Bovis Homes residential-led project included:

  • A new local centre,
  • Up to 650 new homes,
  • An area located for a pharmacy,
  • A GP Surgery.

There was also an area with the potential for the following…

  • A care home,
  • A dentist,
  • A children’s nursery,
  • A cottage hospital,
  • A primary school,
  • A number of allotments.

It didn’t go unnoticed by Greg Clark that the borough council would be two years’ short of an identified five-year housing land supply if they were to go without the housing contribution from this appeal.

Having said that, as well as the inspector, Greg Clark has come to the decision that the outline scheme would conflict with the development plan overall. This is because of the increasing impacts of transport on top of the loss of respected local landscape.

With regards to the slightly smaller scheme, the inspector and the Secretary of Statewere in agreement at the call-in inquiry. They agreed to refuse the proposals for ‘Bark Street Investments Ltd’s’ outline consent for up to 142 homes on land east of Clifton Drive.

It was agreed by the SoS that the site was around 1.5 km west of the city centre, in a justifiable location on the edge of a built up area. However it was decided, that due to flood risk on the grounds and the loss of area for playing fields the scheme would be blocked.

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Paul AddisonKey housing schemes in Cheshire and Gloucestershire being cut off by Clark

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