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Leicestershire distribution deposit given the go ahead

by DevAssist Team on March 7, 2016 No comments

“A 100,844 square metre storage and distribution centre with offices” is planned to be built in Leicestershire. This is planning to be built on the land connecting to the ‘Magna Park complex’, which is the largest distribution park in Europe.

This application is now up for a likely call in by the Secretary of State. It connects to land at Mere Lane (Bittesby).

Also included in this project is:

  • The A5 being turned into a dual carriageway
  • A new drainage system that will be sustainable (SuDS)
  • Work will be done on the landscape and related groundwork

The Magna Park facility that is currently there consists of “202-hectare warehousing and a logistic centre, both of which are located in an area near Lutterworth.”

It is thought as a creator of large distribution centres in the area and some would say the UK. It is also located in and area surrounded by the M1, M6, and the M69 motorways which is commonly refaced to as the ‘Golden Triangle’ because of its,

“Logistically favourable location”

On top of this application there have also been two other applications for the same sight, which, if approved, would make the size of the Magna park increase by 550,000 square meters.

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DevAssist TeamLeicestershire distribution deposit given the go ahead

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