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London – Basement risk

by DevAssist Team on March 4, 2015 No comments

DevAssist do huge amounts of work in London. In the high value areas one of the most common risks we uncover are basement extensions. Sometimes referred to as Iceberg homes these amazing feats on engineering are great for the end users.

The neighbours however may not receive these plans quite so favourably. If the property you are buying shares a party wall with a property that is proposing a basement new areas of advice are needed. A party wall agreement for one will be required. Will this impact the availability of buildings insurance? Is the lender aware of this? What about the noise? Do you work from home? Have you a young baby? Many homebuyers in London are grateful for a DevAssist report because no one else told them what the new neighbours were planning. This is why we created DevLondon so that buyers can open their eyes and understand what is really happening in a location.



DevAssist TeamLondon – Basement risk

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