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London Planning Teams Cash Boost

by Paul Addison on October 30, 2018 No comments

With the aim to ‘beef’ up councils’ housing and planning teams, a £10 million fund has been started by Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London.

Khan has said new council homes have been prevented by London councils budgets decreasing by 50%.

To lift housing and planning teams, councils can bid for up to £750,000 each from the Homebuilding Capacity Fund.

Bids will also be reflected by Khan;

  • To deliver a new group of council, social rented and other affordable homes on small sites,
  • Masterplans in areas that have significant growth potential,
  • Optimal density across new residential development in an area.

Khan has said that progress on meeting housing demand would only be achieved if councils could take a lead in getting new homes built.

“Despite wanting to do far more, councils have been hamstrung by swingeing cuts from government for far too long. My new Homebuilding Capacity Fund won’t reverse those cuts – but it will help ambitious councils to enhance their capacity to deliver large-scale new-build programmes.

“I am able to do this thanks to the business rates devolution deal between the capital and central government – giving us more control to spend more money on the things that matter most to Londoners.”

London Councils’ executive member for housing and planning, Darren Rodwell, said;

“This support from the mayor will help boost boroughs’ ability to deliver the homes our communities need. It’s a welcome development and boroughs will be keen to make good use of these much-needed resources.”

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Paul AddisonLondon Planning Teams Cash Boost

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