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M4 Project Anticipated to be Behind Schedule

by Paul Addison on January 15, 2018 No comments

Ken Skates, the transport and economy secretary, has revealed key proposals for a £136 million renovation of Newport Docks as part of the M4 relief road development.

Assembly Members were told in a letter from Skates that these plans will lead to a possible two-year delay of the M4 Project.

The government’s favoured route for the M4 relief road was objected to by Associated British Ports (ABP), the owner of the port, as the plans contain a large bridge being built over the docks.

It was described in the letter that a partnership between the government and ABP had fashioned proposals to combine the docks facility with the M4 Project.

Incorporated in the scheme is:

  • The construction and refurbishment of quays.
  • Rearrangements of tenants.
  • Replacement of cranes.

It was said by Skates that the proposals would deal the apprehensions of the port which;

“supports approximately 2,500 jobs and contributes £173 million per year to the Welsh economy”.

“The enabling works would safeguard employment across the many sectors the port serves including steel, timber, agriculture, renewable energy generation and recycling.”

Presently, the M4 relief road is the subject of a public inquiry.

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Paul AddisonM4 Project Anticipated to be Behind Schedule

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