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Neighbourhood Planning Offered Free Guidance

by Paul Addison on March 28, 2018 No comments

With the aim of shifting concept to reality, communities throughout England have the opportunity to access professional free advice and guidance, announced Dominic Raab, the housing minister.

To assist communities in preparing a neighbourhood plan, professionals will be offering free help, such as financial support and the latest planning expertise.

Neighbourhood planning has begun in roughly 2,300 communities, with 530 approvals in local referendums.

Locals will be able to vocalize their opinions in the development of their area with these plans, this includes;

  • The location of homes,
  • location of schools,
  • location of businesses,
  • the infrastructure needed to support these.

The following was said by Raab;

“Neighbourhood plans are a powerful tool to help communities shape their local area, making sure the right homes are built in the right places. It’s vital that communities have the right support and advice available to help deliver a plan that meets their own ambitious aspirations.”

In the past, roughly 70% of communities have been assisted by the government in moving their plans forward.

To aid communities in accessing further resources to develop a plan, £2,000 has been added to the maximum grant, taking the total to £17,000.

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Paul AddisonNeighbourhood Planning Offered Free Guidance

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