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Outline Plans Supported by South Cambridgeshire District Council’s Planning Committee

by Paul Addison on July 15, 2019 No comments

Outline plans to develop the earlier Waterbeach Barracks site has received support from South Cambridgeshire District Council’s planning committee.

The councils newly adopted local plan, has designated the western half of the site for a new town.

Included in the Urban&Civic plans are:

  • Up to 4550 new homes,
  • 1,950 affordable homes,
  • Upgrades to road, cycle and public transport,
  • Community facilities,
  • A secondary school,
  • Three primary schools,
  • Seven hectares of allotment, community orchard space and parks.

Alongside a local centre being set around an existing lake, and 43% of the site anticipated to be open space, the developer plans to improve;

  • Woodlands,
  • Grasslands,
  • Wetlands,
  • Green environment for plants,
  • Environment for animals and residents.

Including improvements to junctions on the A10 at Car Dyke Road/Waterbeach Road, and Landbeach Road/Humphries Way, a legal agreement would see Urban&Civic deliver a £141 million fund for new local services, facilities, and local transport upgrades.

To reduce traffic in Waterbeach and neighbouring villages, local bus services will run more often, and a short-term park-and-ride scheme will start in the new town site, says the council.

In supporting this application, the council has considered the concerns and opportunities involved in producing housing on such a large scale, said the council’s lead cabinet member for planning, Dr Tumi Hawkins.

“We know transport is one of the main concerns with any new development. That’s why we’re working extremely closely with Urban&Civic to agree a package of transport upgrades that not only include improvements to junctions on the A10, but also major improvements to local cycle and walking routes and bus services. We’re also continuing to work with the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority on larger-scale options to improve the A10.

This proposal plays an important part in ensuring that the council can secure the delivery of the new homes and high-quality places to live and work that we know we need.”

The Ministry of Defence selected Urban&Civic to develop the site.

The development director, Tim Leathes, said:

“It has been a very intense five years of work, pulling together with local communities and partners the right vision for the unique opportunity that the barracks presents economically, environmentally and socially, to create an exemplar sustainable community.

With medical staff from Papworth already living in refurbished accommodation and local residents using facilities on site every day, we are looking forward to getting going with the next stage of planning and preparatory works over this summer, opening up the amazing lake next year and delivering much-needed homes and facilities from 2022.”

Submitted by RLW Estates, an application for up to 4,500 new homes on the eastern half of the site is still being assessed by the council.

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Paul AddisonOutline Plans Supported by South Cambridgeshire District Council’s Planning Committee

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