Did you know that 95% of the population
is concerned about development risk?
10% will be affected by it.
Not all views are safe. Our reports educate property buyers about development risks. Don't find out when it's too late! Understand your area Expose development risks


DevAssist is the only company that audits locations for development risks and opportunities.

You could be buying or selling property with no knowledge of how views could be altered or removed due to new developments.
Have the neighbours ever attempted to obtain planning permission for a new build development?
Are they trying to achieve permission for a basement or an extension?
Are those fields safe from development?
Why are the vendors selling?

You and your solicitor should be asking these questions.


This basic assessment for residential and commercial purchasers of properties under 0.25 acres exposes any significant development risks in a 75m radius from the centre of the main structure. Areas investigated include risks to views, the impact on its value and enjoyment potential should development occur nearby, and a professional opinion on its development potential.

A DevAssess report is delivered in 5 working days. However, a limited number of fast tracked orders are accepted each day. Properties larger than 0.5 acre or those requiring a more in-depth report are better suited to DevAssess Premium.

£100 +VAT


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This comprehensive report provides greater depth of information on potential risks. Recommended as the ‘go-to’ choice for risk-adverse property purchases under 40 acres, its search area extends 75m from the boundary. It looks at traveller sites, the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment, local policy, listed buildings, the five-year housing supply and changes to nearby major infrastructure. Greater depth of this report can reveal alternative exit strategies and potential hidden value in properties.

A DevAssess Premium report will be delivered in 3 working days. However, a limited number of fast tracked orders will be accepted each day. Properties over 40 acres are priced on an individual basis.

£300 +VAT


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Major urban locations are constantly evolving, especially in the big cities of England and Wales. These high-value, high-risk areas are analysed in two stages – initially looking at the planning history of nearby structures, followed before exchange by any other pending planning applications. As planning data can be four weeks out of date when purchased, it is essential for litigious clients to make sure the best data is being investigated. Just before exchange, the report is updated with any responses from the Freedom of Information Act request, revealing any other pending planning applications.

A DevCity report will be delivered in 5 working days. However, a limited number of fast tracked orders will be accepted each day. Properties over 10 acres are priced on an individual basis.

£500 +VAT


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Sometimes you just need to investigate whether a piece of land or an asset has development potential. This report examines the hidden potential or alternative use in a property that may increase its value. Widely used by solicitors, estate agents, asset managers and debt recovery experts for identifying where land values may exceed existing use values, the report protects professional indemnity insurance from the risk of underselling property assets. With HMRC making random checks on property assets being sold, this report gives solicitors peace of mind that they have adequately assessed any development potential.

A DevProbate report will be delivered in 5 working days. However, a limited number of fast tracked orders will be accepted each day.

£60 +VAT


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A Fast Track service is available on all of our products, subject to request.

from £40 +VAT

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We offer unique and specialist advice to property buyers, both residential and commercial.

What is the single most important factor that contributes to the value of a property? Its location. So why is it always ignored and never investigated?

A misunderstood fact is that your solicitor will only study what is inside a properties boundary yet it is often what is outside it that can impact it. To research a location is time consuming and very specialist. That’s what we do, and why we have protected and prevented serious financial mistakes for our clients.

Buying any property has risks to buyers, lenders and solicitors, and all are closely connected. Exposing unknown risks is essential for all parties concerned.

Melissa Porter – TV Property Presenter comments:

“I can’t see why any solicitor would not urge their client to invest in a DevAssist search”



Are you and your clients at risk? A risk to your clients is a risk to you?

Did you know that 95% of your client base is concerned about development risks. 10% will be affected by it.

With solicitors PI being one of the most common contributory factors to solicitors going out of business can you afford not to protect it? DevAssist have created the only reports of their type in the country. We investigate and audit a location so that buyers of property can purchase with peace of mind, or in the knowledge that change is coming. By understanding change it prevents any blame to the solicitor and increases service levels. Please also see our section on client care wording. Exposing unknown risks and obeying compliance rules is essential for all parties concerned.

Leading planning barrister and commentator, Martin Edwards, observes:

“Information is power. So why would any conveyancing solicitor not offer their client the opportunity to learn about what the future may hold in terms of any possible development threat or opportunity?”



Development, change of use or views can have a huge impact on value. Understanding a location is critical.

Valuing makes many assumptions and is based on what a valuer sees. Just as a valuer cannot see an environmental or flood risk they will not see a development risk.

It could be land that is going to be used for an alternative and less neighbourly use or a dramatic reduction in view. We have identified numerous examples where a significant change to an area would impact the value of a property.

This is vital information for both the lender and the buyer. Alternatively a property could have hidden value that has not been identified. This could improve the value and lower the risk for the lender.



The easiest way to demonstrate what we do is by showing you some examples. TAKE A LOOK. You will find them quite eye opening and thought provoking.

Berkshire – beautiful views over countryside, well maybe for the next two years!

Lender, solicitor and client risks. A beautiful listed building with views over open land to the South...

The quiet end of the line? NO

Just like the Sussex case study see how this established cul de sac built in the late 1980’s can be extended...

East Anglia – Always take your solicitors advice

Why have a dog and bark yourself? Look at this view. This what the buyer thought they would enjoy forever...

Good news – Hidden value found

Its not always bad news. One of the key things we look for is hidden value. In this case the solicitors were concerned that there client was underselling. We applaud them because they were right...

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