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Quality Assurance

by Paul Addison on July 21, 2020 No comments

DevAssist are proud members of the Property Codes Compliance Board (PCCB). The PCCB is an independent compliance body. Their primary role is to maintain a register of firms that choose to subscribe to the Search Code of Practice to independently monitor their compliance with the Code.

Why is this important?
Are you purchasing a property or representing a client in the purchase of a property? Using a member of the PCCB ensures that the search firms you engage are held to a set of standards that serve the consumer.

If, through a property purchase a consumer is dissatisfied with the search firm they used and don’t feel their complaint was handled sufficiently. It can be referred to The Property Ombudsman.

The difference is really in the detail
Whilst we subscribe to the PCCB and the Search Code of Practice, we actually go a step further. The lengths we go to when providing search reports were made really clear to us recently in the PCCB June newsletter. Included in the round up of news was a summary of complaints received by the Property Ombudsman in the last quarter. The PCCB publishes these for members in order for us to learn from the nature of the complaints. Seven complaints were published. Of those seven, five complainants felt that their advisors had failed to provide pertinent information regarding planned and proposed development, or planning permission that impacted their property purchase. In each case, the complaint was verified and the complainant awarded compensation.

Where we differ
We looked at the nature of these complaints and the important planning information that had not been disclosed. In each case, a DevAssist report would have identified this information as standard.

Crucially, it would have cost the purchaser as little as £80 + VAT to receive one of our reports.

No stone unturned
Information about planned and potential development is accessible. You just have to know where to look and how to interpret the data, and that’s where we come in. Talk to us today about your subject property and which of our reports will serve you best. Get in touch at

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