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Scarborough’s Futurist Theatre Demolition Progresses

by Paul Addison on October 27, 2017 No comments

The local authority has approved the plans to demolish Scarborough’s Futurist Theatre, taking it one phase nearer to demolition.  

The Beatles and Shirley Bassey are two off the acts that have been hosted at the Futurist, which has been boarded up since 2013.

Chosen as Scarborough Council’s favored bidder for the site is Flamingo Land.

The developer from Flamingo Land plans to develop a tourist attraction, which is anticipated to incorporate rides and a space shot tower.

The demolition has been agreed by the council at the cost of £3.91 million.

To decide whether the demolition should be called in by the secretary of state, it will now go to the National Planning Casework Unit.

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Paul AddisonScarborough’s Futurist Theatre Demolition Progresses

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