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Shropshire Development Given the Go Ahead

by Paul Addison on April 24, 2018 No comments

A development involving 600 new dwellings on land to the north of Shrewsbury Road in Oswestry has been approved by Shropshire Council’s North planning committee.

Areas of open public space, (with all matters reserved except access), are additionally included in the outline application.

Though the development co-insides with the planning officer’s recommendation, it is a matter of whether J Ross Developments (the applicant) enters into a section 106 agreement for;

“The provision of affordable housing, and open space provision and management.”

24.4 hectares of land known as the ‘Eastern Gateway Sustainable Urban Extension site’ will home the development.

The officer’s report says the below:

“In respect of the three dimensions to sustainable development in the NPPF, the delivery of housing is a contributor to economic growth.

The proposals will fulfil a social role by delivering a mix of affordable and open market housing to meet current and future needs with a range of tenures.

There are environmental issues that are affected by the proposals, however, which weigh against the sustainability credentials of the scheme, although some mitigation is proposed that will redress the balance.”

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Paul AddisonShropshire Development Given the Go Ahead

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