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Statement about Lower Thames Crossing favored route made

by Paul Addison on April 20, 2017 No comments

Chris Grayling, the transport secretary, has made a statement about the preferred route for a new Lower Thames Crossing. 

The crossing, which will produce a new link between the A2 and the M25, could be creating more than 6,000 jobs and boost the economy by more than £8 billion.

In the crossings first year, it is anticipated to carry 4.5 million heavy goods vehicles, as well as lessening the burden on the Dartford Crossing.

The intended route will:

  • Run from the M25 near North Ockendon,
  • Cross the A13 at Orsett,
  • Cross under the Thames east of Tilbury and Gravesend.

In an account from the government, it has been said that a new link road will take traffic to the A2 near Shorne, near to where the route becomes the M2.

As said by the government, this route as the best answer regarding reducing traffic and congestion on the Dartford Crossing, as classified by most of the 47,000 respondents.

Additionally, following a debate regarding options for the route, improvements to links to London and the Channel ports are anticipated.

£10 million will also be designated to improving traffic flow at / around the existing crossing.

Grayling has said:

“The new Lower Thames Crossing, and other improvements in and around Dartford and Thurrock will further strengthen our economy while also creating thousands of jobs.”

It has also been broadcasted by Grayling that the government is investing £66 million into the widening of the A13 Stanford-le-Hope bypass from two to three lanes.

Grayling said this will in turn, be creating more than 4,000 jobs and unlock the development of hundreds of new houses.

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Paul AddisonStatement about Lower Thames Crossing favored route made

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