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Support in favor of major Banbury housing development

by Paul Addison on September 2, 2016 No comments

A proposal for a 1,000-dwelling new neighbourhood development in Banbury from Gallagher Homes has been recommended approval by Cherwell District Council planning committee.

The development will be on some 52-hectares of farmland adjoining Salt Way in Banbury.

The Communities Secretary Sajid Javid has had a report sent to him from the Oxfordshire planning authority recommending that the project should be approved and go ahead.

The Councilor Colin Clarke had the following to say:

“Mr Javid has been afforded the opportunity to potentially call-in the application and make the final decision on whether it should be approved.”

Included in the application is 1,000 two-story homes which will be one to five bedrooms. 30% of these dwellings will include one, two and three-bedroom affordable housing.

Additionally, the scheme includes the following:

  • A new primary school,
  • A community centre,
  • The transfer of existing school fields,
  • A doctors’ surgery,
  • A nursery,
  • A café,
  • A retail center,
  • Takeaway units,
  • New local play areas,
  • Three adult football pitches.

This scheme will encourage a currently developing scheme off Bloxham Road, as well as a development that has been approved for some 280 new homes to the west of the Banbury Cricket Club playing field. As summarized in the adopted local plan, roughly 1,415 new dwellings are in place to be developed across the three sites.

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Paul AddisonSupport in favor of major Banbury housing development

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