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Swansea Mixed-use scheme put forward

by Paul Addison on March 31, 2017 No comments

The City and County of Swansea Council have received an outline planning application (incorporating shops, restaurants and residential units).

The former St David’s shopping centre and the LC car park that make up the site, are for now, being recognised as Swansea Central.

The site’s development is being handled by Rivington Land.

Just north of Oystermouth Road, the refurbishment, alteration / demolition of the already existing buildings and structure (discounting St Mary’s Church and St David’s Church), is being hunted for Outline planning permission.

There has been a proposed 84,050 square meters of floor space (nothing higher than seven stories’ high according to plans) which will include:

  • Retail,
  • Commercial,
  • Offices,
  • Residential uses,
  • Leisure uses,
  • A multi-storey car park.

Again, going by the plans, there is a projected 40,700 square meters of floor space on the south side of Oystermouth Road which would include:

  • A digital indoor arena,
  • A hotel or residential building (up to 13 stories’),
  • Food and drink businesses.

There is also a new pedestrian bridge being proposed to go over Oystermouth Road, as well as new public open spaces on both sides of the site / improved public realm.

The director of place at the council, Martin Nicholls, said:

 “In combination with our plans to regenerate Kingsway and other parts of the city centre, the redevelopment of the Swansea Central site will give local residents and visitors a far better shopping, dining, leisure and recreational experience.” 

To safeguard that the plans meet the expectations of the people of Swansea, Nicholls has said that submission of the application follows “extensive consultation”.

Nicholls continued:

“The consultation showed 74 per cent of people were positive about the proposals, but we have listened to all views. This is why, to reflect feedback, an element of student accommodation that was originally proposed for the development site has now been removed. Subject to the approval of this outline planning application, detailed design work will then take place. Discussions with potential tenants will also continue, and we hope to soon have an indoor arena operator on board to help us work on the specification of the new arena attraction,”

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Paul AddisonSwansea Mixed-use scheme put forward

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