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Third-Party Search Agents Usage

by Paul Addison on July 26, 2016 No comments

The Property Ombudsman (TPO) have recently stated some concerns regarding four of the recent cases they have looked into. The issues are concerning the standards that are required of firms when using third-parties to help accumulate search reports.

The reason the announcement was made was to ensure that subscriber firms know that the search Code requirements apply to the use of third-parties.

Paul AddisonThird-Party Search Agents Usage

The Impacts the Brexit will have on the Mainstream Market

by Paul Addison on July 21, 2016 No comments

House prices are set to be affected by Political, economic and financial uncertainty after the results of the EU referendum.

It is set to have an impact of house price growth as well as housing transactions. This will in turn affect already existing home owners, as well as seeking homeowners.

Paul AddisonThe Impacts the Brexit will have on the Mainstream Market