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The local planning process being cheated by developers

by Paul Addison on April 29, 2016 No comments

Just before Christmas the DCLG Select Committee inquiry report into how the NPPF is working in practice was published

When conducting this it was discovered by the committee that developers were abusing any loopholes in the agenda. This is leading to developments that area not desired by locals and the community.

Paul AddisonThe local planning process being cheated by developers

Images announced of Hove Leisure centre redevelopment

by DevAssist Team on February 5, 2016 No comments

Images of the 40 million pound redevelopment in Hove have been released by the developer.

The 1930s King Alfred Centre in Hove is predicted to be redeveloped into 560 flats and £40 million leisure centre.

The 18-story block of flats and leisure centre are going to be replacing the current building once it is demolished.

DevAssist TeamImages announced of Hove Leisure centre redevelopment

London pub demolition “without permission”

by DevAssist Team on April 22, 2015 No comments

Westminster City Council is considering taking legal action against the developer CLTX Ltd over the demolition of a pub in Maida Vale, west London. It was being considered for listing, as it was one of the last buildings left standing in its street during WW2 bombings.

The council had rejected plans to pull down the Carlton Tavern in Carlton Vale in January. CLTX Ltd wants to build a ground-floor pub with four upper floors comprising ten residential units. The planning sub-committee turned down this proposal on January 13 because “the bulk, height and detailed design the new building would be detrimental to the view from the adjacent Maida Vale Conservation Area”.

DevAssist TeamLondon pub demolition “without permission”