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Will the Government’s New Year Resolutions Stick?

by Paul Addison on January 13, 2016 No comments

As we head off into another year, we are faced with similar issues to the last. David Cameron’s first policy statement concerned housing to underline its importance to the fabric of our society.

But what will actually shift for the better this year and what do economists and the construction industry think will be the case? We read the runes for you.

Paul AddisonWill the Government’s New Year Resolutions Stick?

Autumn Statement: Housing – “Can we build it?”

by Paul Addison on December 4, 2015 No comments

The Chancellor’s Autumn Statement and Spending Review has committed the Government to a new target for affordable housing starts (400,000 units by 2021) and further reforms to the planning system which included a proposal to allow previously developed brownfield sites in the green belt to be developed in the same way as other brownfield land.

Other planning reforms signaled will involve establishing a new delivery test on local authorities to ensure “delivery against the number of homes set out in local plans”.

The Statement also promised measures to accelerate the release of public land for housing  and ensure  the release of unused and previously undeveloped commercial, retail, and industrial land for ‘Starter Homes’.

Paul AddisonAutumn Statement: Housing – “Can we build it?”