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Takeoff of the Right to Build taskforce

by Paul Addison on March 3, 2017 No comments

A right to build task force has been launches with the goal of, over the next three years, assisting 80 organisations across the UK deliver more homes.

Additionally, they plan of helping the local authorities, community groups and other organisations to deliver large, affordable custom and self-build housing projects.

The lessons learnt will be shared through regional events and case studies within the Right to Build Portal, with the aim of ensuring the benefit of additional projects.

Richard Bacon MP, task force ambassador and chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Self Build, Custom and Community Housebuilding and Place making, had the following to say:

“Although we have these important new powers in England, custom and self-build housing will only become mainstream if local authorities and other organisations truly harness these powers. This is where the new Right to Build Task Force comes in, with its experts on hand to help. This may be councils needing help setting up, or better marketing of their demand registers, or advice in creating planning strategies. Alternatively, it could also include affordable housing providers or community groups who need help to engage with councils.”

The charity, the Nationwide Foundation, funds the task force which aims to help increase the availability of decent affordable homes for people in need of housing.

The chair of the National Custom & Self-Build Association, Michael Holmes, had the following to say:

“The Task Force will deliver valuable support to local authorities, affordable housing providers and community groups delivering effective policies and unlocking real projects. We know that English local authorities have a duty to grant planning permissions for 18,000 serviced plots by 31st October 2019. And this is only the tip of the iceberg with people registering on the new English demand registers on a daily basis. There is also huge untapped potential in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.”

In the government’s recently published housing white paper Fixing our broken housing market, the task force was featured.

Several partners including the following are in support:

  • The RTPI,
  • the Building and Social Housing Foundation,
  • National Housing Federation,
  • the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

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Paul AddisonTakeoff of the Right to Build taskforce

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