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Tewkesbury project for 550 new dwellings is dismissed

by Paul Addison on September 23, 2016 No comments

After deciding that the adverse results on road safety and traffic flow made a scheme unsustainable, Javid has dismissed a proposal in in Ashchurch for 550 new homes.

A proposed development in Ashchurch near Tewkesbury for a 550 home development has been dismissed by the Sos after the council did not determine within the prescribed time period.

It was recommended by the inspector who held the recovered inquiry, that the scheme, by the developer Robert Hitchins Ltd, was rejected.

In Javid’s decision letter, it was mentioned that Gloucestershire planning authority couldn’t display a five-year supply of housing sites.

The letter however, agreed with the inspector, stating that the scheme…

“Was not sustainable because of adverse effects on highway safety and the free flow of traffic around a key access junction.”

It was also said in the Sos, that there would be a major allocation site in the emerging joint core strategy because of the proposals.

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Paul AddisonTewkesbury project for 550 new dwellings is dismissed

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