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The Oxfordshire Sheltered Homes Project is hit with Neighbourhood Plan Issues

by DevAssist Team on February 10, 2016 No comments

An appeal on the proposed redevelopment of a building previously used as a police station has been refused by Greg Clark (the communities secretary).

The former police station in Oxfordshire has had proposals to be redeveloped into sheltered accommodation. 

Churchill Retirement Living had hopes of demolishing the station to replace it 45 flats. The South Oxfordshire District Council refused the project. The inspector that was heading up the hearing has made suggestions that the appeal is not a good idea and that it should be dismissed.

The inspector had said with the agreement of Greg Clark,

“The scheme would neither preserve nor enhance the character or appearance of the conservation area in which the site was located.”

Clark and the inspector also agreed on the fact that the development would be likely to harm the “significance of the conservation area” however the harm would be:

“Less than substantial”.

The letter written by clark stating that he agreed with the insprector stated that the proposals:

“Would affect the outlook and privacy of neighbours of the site”.

Clark summarised the scheme as a whole and concluded that it:

“Did not significantly or demonstrably outweigh the adverse impacts when assessed against the policies of the National Planning Policy Framework ‘considered as a whole’”

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DevAssist TeamThe Oxfordshire Sheltered Homes Project is hit with Neighbourhood Plan Issues

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