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Welsh national parks planning regime under review

by DevAssist Team on October 6, 2014 No comments

The Welsh administration’s independent review of the governance of the country’s designated landscapes (ie National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty) will include the future planning regime for the parks, minister for natural resources Carl Sargeant has confirmed.

That clarification came as Sargeant, who is also planning minister, named Professor Terry Marsden, Director of Cardiff University’s Sustainable Places Research Institute, as the chair of the independent panel which will carry out the two-stage review. The other panel members will be John Lloyd Jones and Dr Ruth Williams.

Stage one will examine the designations themselves looking at the purposes of these landscapes and the merits of classifying Wales’ designated landscapes under one type of designation.

Stage two will consider the governance arrangements of designated landscapes. It will review governance and management arrangements and consider the recommendations of the Commission on Public Service Governance and Delivery as part of this.

It will also take account of future arrangements for planning in National Parks in the light of the Planning (Wales) Bill, the Government said.

Sargeant said: “I want to ensure that our designated landscapes are best equipped to meet current and future challenges while building upon their internationally recognised status.

The review will consider whether the existing arrangements are best-placed to deliver these objectives and, if not, what changes should be made in order to achieve them.”

Professor Marsden said: “Our protected landscapes have served the public well over at least two generations, but as we are all aware, they now face new, more complex challenges – but also opportunities.

“We hope therefore that the review will be an opportunity to create a realistic vision and governance framework for Wales which will provide the basis for them to continue to deliver to the needs of our present and future generations.”

DevAssist TeamWelsh national parks planning regime under review