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Wildlife Is to Be Better Protected by Developers

by Paul Addison on August 9, 2019 No comments

Developers have been informed by James Brokenshire, the Housing Secretary, that they need to be doing more to protect the British wildlife.

Using systems like hedgehog highways, hollow swift bricks, and creating drainage areas to create wetlands for bird and amphibians, the government has set out new guidelines explaining how developers should be protecting certain British species.

Developers should be taking into consideration the long-term impact their developments will have on ecosystems, both throughout and post construction, says the government.

Additionally, it has been said that meadows and trees should be being planted, for insects like the British honey bee to flourish.

It is said in the guidelines, that green infrastructure can aid planning in building a strong and competitive economy, as well as achieving well-designed dwellings that feature;

  • green roofs,
  • street trees,
  • proximity to woodland,
  • public gardens,
  • recreational and open spaces.

Additionality, green infrastructure can bring communities physical and mental health benefits, trough delivering opportunities for;

  • recreation,
  • exercise,
  • social interaction,
  • experience and caring for nature,
  • community food-growing,
  • gardening,
  • lessening climate change.

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Paul AddisonWildlife Is to Be Better Protected by Developers

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