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Yorkshire Dales Homes Approved

by Paul Addison on May 29, 2018 No comments

In West Witton, Richmondshire, 17 homes have been granted full planning permission by the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority’s planning committee.

Since 2014, this is the largest development to gain permission in the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

The dwellings will be next to the Old School Close at the west side of the village.

Of the 17, 9 of the dwellings are to be put on the market, and 8 are to be designated as affordable housing; 6 of which will be sold for 70% of their market value.

The remaining 2 are anticipated to be rental properties held by the developer Swale Valley Construction, and managed in union with Richmondshire District Council.

The Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority member champion for development management, Robert Heseltine, said:

“Our message to developers is simple: if you bring forward high-quality schemes for the sites allocated in the local plan, we will approve them. Half of the homes in this development will be affordable and for local people. That is good news. As an authority we wish to help local young men and women, and hopefully their families, stay put in the Dales.”

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Paul AddisonYorkshire Dales Homes Approved

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