Buying a house can be very emotional and exciting. A determination to commit and buy within the shortest possible time is often the plan.

But lets go back a stage. You find a house you can afford. You view it. You make an offer. It’s all agreed and mentally you have already moved in!

But this is when you really need to be keeping your wits about you. You are about to make the largest investment in your life and take a potentially huge risk, all based on a 20 minute viewing and gut feeling.

The dream home, and area, could be harbouring some nightmares that will give you sleepless nights, and a large hole in your pocket. It’s essential you invest in getting the right information before you buy.

It is important that you understand the risk of further residential or commercial development in any particular location.

10% of our reports will identify major or significant change within 75m of the studied property.

Melissa Porter – TV Property Presenter comments:

“I can’t see why any solicitor would not urge their client to invest in a DevAssist search”


Don’t choose a solicitor on cost alone.

You have fallen in love with the home of your dreams, worth tens of thousands of pounds and you are going to risk it on a bucket shop firm of conveyancers.

Find the best and ask for recommendations. Two good reasons why you should do this:

  • You have more chance of finding a solicitor who will actually perform on time, and actually enable you to purchase the house.
  • There is a very good chance he/she may find out something that puts a slight blur on this perfect little home you found.

It could be a flood risk, traveller risk or a large development could be about to emerge out of that field that looked so beautiful.

BE CYNICAL – Why is the property on the market in the first place?


A solicitor that insists that you carry out a DevAssist report is a solicitor that cares deeply about you, risk elimination and providing the highest service levels.

80% of our reports will identify development risk that a buyer did not know about. A staggering 10% will expose major or significant change that the buyer is unlikely to be aware of (20% in London).

Take a look at our small collection of case studies. This just scratches the surface of what we find.


Find a firm that use DevAssist.

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