Are you and your clients at risk?
A risk to your clients is a risk to you?

Did you know that 95% of your client base is concerned about development risks. 10% will be affected by it (the risk rises to 20% in London).

With solicitors PI being one of the most common contributory factors to solicitors going out of business can, you afford not to protect it? DevAssist have created the only report of its kind in the country. We investigate and audit a location so that buyers of property can purchase with peace of mind. We ensure they know what is changing, or may change in the future. When a DevAssist report is carried out all liability for interpretation of planning data lies with us.

Exposing unknown risks and obeying compliance rules is essential for all parties concerned.


Leading planning barrister and commentator, Martin Edwards, observes:

“Information is power. So why would any conveyancing solicitor not offer their client the opportunity to learn about what the future may hold in terms of any possible development threat or opportunity?”


DevAssist is the only company that audits a location for development risk and opportunity.

Your clients could by buying or selling with no knowledge of how views could be altered or removed. Have the neighbours ever attempted to obtain planning permission for development, or another unneighbourly use? Are the neighbours trying to achieve permission for a basement? Are those fields safe from development risk? Why are the vendors selling?

Don’t let your clients find out when its too late!

Download our suggested client care wording free of charge.

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